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Our Jeeps are a part of our lives, as they provide us with memories of adventures with our friends and loved ones. So I can go as far as saying we love our Jeeps. But just like everything in life, nothing is perfect, and so are the factory Jeep headlights. I think everyone agrees on this subject, I know that when I first purchased my Wrangler I was full of excitement on all the things I was going to upgrade and the adventures that will allow me to have. But I came to the realization that a lift and wheels and tires should come second to replacing my JK headlights. My Jeep Jk was my daily, and when I drove at night in the TN backwoods and mountains I realized that I needed to see where I am going, and replacing my headlights should be the first priority. I tried a few options of replacing the JK headlights with higher wattage halogen bulbs but that was a failure. I did HID upgrades but ballasts kept blowing, and bulbs kept burning. When the JK LED headlights came on to the market, and I first seen the quality the brightness, the cleanliness of its installs, I knew that replacing my JK headlights, with a complete LED headlights assembly was the way to go. Does not matter what you’re into if its RGB LED Headlights, or Halo LED headlights, or just a simple clean and strait forward Wrangler LED headlight replacement, here at Jeep Federation (JF) we have you covered. With impeccable light output, DOT approved, perfect cut off lines, tortured and tested, basically down right best LED headlights on the market.